Why I Quit My Job (And How I Make MORE Money Now!)

Yes you read that right, I QUIT my job! It was one of the scariest and most liberating experiences of my life. I had been working as a marketing manger at my small firm here in North Carolina for over 7 years and to say I didn’t love the job would be lying. What I didn’t love were the hours, the fighting for time in my day for my family (not because my company was unreasonable mind you, I was a bit of a workaholic… any one else in my perfectionist boat? Thought so… ????) 

So What Changed?

What Made Me Quit My job to Start My own Business?

Confidence. Once I realized how much I was worth, no one else could pay me enough to stop doing what I LOVE to do! I love to teach marketing to people. I makes my palms sweaty and my blood race. I want to show people that the status quo is no longer the best thing for you! I love to learn and grow and take others with me as I go. So, this video below is a little about what lead me to that decision and what I am doing now! 

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