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Water Fasting Essentials: Prep Kit

I am such a huge fan of water fasting. After my 40-day water fasting results, I think you know why! The benefits of water fasting are so numerous that I will not recount them here but if you want to read more about how water fasting can improve your health, change your life, and make…

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Water Fasting Results: My 40-Day Journey Blog

When I tell people I went 40-days without eating any food the reactions are funny… people generally look at me like this… via GIPHY So why, you may ask would one decide to try a 40-day fast and then post about their water fasting results online? Water fasting is extremely personal, it is a spiritual…

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Keto Coffee Recipe (Butter Coffee Recipe)

Keto Coffee Recipe

If you are currently following a “Keto Diet”, then you have probably seen some variations of the “Keto Coffee” recipe before. This type of coffee relies on lots of fats and no sugar or carbs to give you more energy and to help you reach your “macros” for the day. Does “Keto Coffee” not sound…

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Low Carb Protein Shake

keteo shakes

If you’ve ever been “post-gym workout” or on the go all day and needed a really easy quick meal that won’t kick you out of Ketosis, my favorite thing to do is drink a Low Carb Protein Shake. Eating on the go when you are on the Keto diet can be really challenging. It can…

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Can You Drink Alcohol While on Keto?

alcohol on keto

After being on keto for a while, there may come a time when you want to go to happy hour with co-workers or enjoy a cocktail with friends or family. While this isn’t something you should do all the time, you can still have alcohol and follow the ketogenic lifestyle.. Just like anything else, you…

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How to Wake Up Early and Still Have Energy

how to wake up early

So, I am one of those people that hate mornings. When I had to take my daughter to school (before homeschooling was a reality for us) we were regularly late because mornings were such an issue for me. 😬Let’s just say when you are a parent and getting notes home from the principle, it’s not…

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Keto Mistakes You Need to Know How to Avoid

Any time you start a new diet, there is a learning curve where it takes some time getting used to it, and the keto diet is no different. There tend to be some common mistakes people make when they first start keto, but by knowing about them know, you can be sure to avoid them.…

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Keto Diet Plan for Beginners

When I started the Keto diet plan a couple of years ago, I had no idea how life-changing it would be. My parents had followed the Atkin’s Diet years ago when I was a teen so I thought I had an idea of how to really follow a Keto diet. via GIPHY I had been…

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Bullet Journaling The Secret to Stop Emotional Eating

How to stop emotional eating

Anyone else have a love-hate relationship with food? No? Just me… cool! 😂 Learning to how to stop emotional eating is something that no one really thinks to learn. I really didn’t think about it in my life until recently. The fact is, sometimes we get bad news and reach for cupcakes! We get stressed…

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How to Stop Emotional Eating: 3 Triggers to Avoid

stop emotional eating

It’s easy to say “I want to stop emotional eating” the problem comes when you actually are facing the emotions that make you want to eat. One of the hardest times I ever had to challenge my will to stop emotional eating was when my good friend committed suicide. I had two weeks of hell…

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