The Perfection Addiction- Tips For Overcoming Perfectionism

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We have all been there, staring down the dreams of your life and wondering, “Will I make it?” What often happens to me is that I am more concerned with making the image correct than the value of what I bring to someone’s life the right thing. Let me tell you a secret…

That girl that you love on social media and want to be just like one day, she started right where you are too.

That’s the beauty of life. We all start in the same weak and vulnerable state as everyone else.

Want to Know What The Best Tip For Overcoming Perfectionism Really is?

Doing something. Anything really. Just START something. No one is going to look at you and say “What in the crap is she doing?” and if they do… do you really want them to be in your life anyway. No one needs that sort of negative energy in their lives.

No let’s be clear. Overcoming Perfectionism doesn’t look like we never do anything well.

Perfection and excellence are two different things. 

Perfection implies it is without the need to improve. There is no room for growth. There is no room for anything or anyone else to enter into the equation. 

Perfectionism leads to loneliness and burn out. Excellence leads to growth and community.

When you live in excellence, it implies there is room for improvement but you are actually giving YOUR best, which is an inspiration to others around you. Excellence sets a beautiful standard that puts other people FIRST.

There are so many moments as women that we place guilt on ourselves for not living up to the standard of other women’s perfect lives, or perfect bodies.

We compare our sweat pants and snappy moments to other women’s Instagram feeds and then wonder why we deal with anxiety.

Can we be honest for a moment? Perfection is unattainable and always will be.

Perfection leaves no room for love or inspiration because both love and inspiration are always messy!

So how do we practically overcome perfectionism? Check out my tips below…

perfectionism tips

#1 Shift Your Perspective

Your dream, the one you hold tight to… the one that keeps you up and night and you know in your bones will change the world… #RealTalk … It’s not about YOU. Sometimes we need a refocusing on what really matters and remembering that most of our lives will be about OTHERS. My mom used to call it “otherness”. All she had to do was say that one word and boy, my siblings and I knew exactly what she meant. She meant, get your eyes off yourself and see how what you do, good and bad, has consequences. Take a moment and think about the woman down the road that needs to hear your story, maybe she never will because you were too afraid to write it.

#2 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Goal setting is one of those often talked about and rarely executed treasures of life. If you want something you HAVE to set a goal for it. Don’t do yourself a disservice and try and lose 100 lbs in 2 months or anything. Set a realistic, achievable, and sane person’s goal. When you set a deadline it will force you to produce something and get your brain out of over analyzing. Like any good road trip you need a map to know where you are going and clear directions top get there. Same with anything you do in life. If you don’t know where you are going, you will never arrive.

#3 Everything Has a Price

We often think, let me just sit here and do nothing so I don’t make a mistake. That is actually the WORST thing you could do. Every action AND inaction, has a price. Sitting on the sidelines will never get you anywhere. Your inaction in life can (and will) limit you, if you let it. If we only wait until we have everything figured out we would never go on any adventures. The good news, taking imperfect action can lead you amazing places.  I literally knew NOTHING about RV’s when I moved into one full time. It was a huge learning curve that I had to overcome quickly (and I am still leaning every day… seriously ????) Now I am living on the road and enjoying the life most people only ever get to dream about.

#4 Perfectionism is Really Just Fear of Failure

OK, girlfriend #truthbomb time. Call a spade a spade. You are afraid of failing. You ask yourself “what if no one likes it?” or “what will people think?” or my personal favorite “what if no one likes ME?” Can just I encourage you for a second? You are lovable, likable, good at what you do, and you WILL be successful when you do what you were put on this earth to do. There is no doubt in my mind you can do anything you want.

If you are looking for some more encouragement like this, check out my free positive mindset download below!


Mama… You are doing a great job right where you are at. Your yoga pant wearing, fast food for dinner, didn’t get time to shower today… times are precious. Enjoy them. They are a gift. Each day that you live in imperfection, everyday that you are real and present, and every day that you focus on what matters to YOU means you have WON!

Priorities are all about perspective. So let me encourage you as a friend and fellow lady boss in the trenches. Go after those dreams, chase excellence, and abandon perfection! I promise you will be so much happier and so much more fulfilled at the end of the day. 

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