How to Lose Weight With A Nutrition Plan That Works For Anyone

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An incredible and ever increasing amount of people, especially women, are looking for easy and sustainable ways to get healthy.

Keeping weight off can be a challenge if you are trying to piece together information on the internet about how to lose weight.

I thought I would share my own success story with you.

This is me before I started this nutrition plan and after 6 weeks of solidly following my nutrition plan….

optavia before and after

If you have ever wondered… “How can I lose weight fast in 2 weeks?” You are in the right place

My first 2 weeks on this nutrition plan I lost a whopping 15lbs. And I am continuing to lose weekly despite living in an RV and traveling full time, working at a desk all day, and NO exercise!

I constantly call this my “how to lose weight the LAZY way” plan.

The best part? Anyone CAN do this plan. However, not everyone will count the cost to really get healthy.

As a new health coach on this nutrition plan, I see so many people ask all the questions and go through he whole process and then decide its “too expensive” (more on the cost below…)

Can we have an honest moment?

How much is being healthy going to change your life?

People ask how to lose weight all the time for various reasons but really what they are asking is…

How can I feel younger and healthier?

How can I have tons of energy?

What do I need to do to look and feel great again?

I have regained all of this and more in just a couple of months on this nutrition plan and the best part? It only costs about $12.50 a day… 

That’s it! So, let me ask you… is solving this issue in your life FOREVER worth $12.50 a day for about 6 months?

how to lose weight


How much is being healthy worth to you?

These are all the same struggles I faced when beginning this nutrition plan.

I wanted nothing more than to feel and look good again. I was literally there just a few months ago.

I was counting the cost, and how I wish I had done it sooner.

I think I may have jumped in quicker had I known my friend Laura would be my health coach the whole way at no extra cost to me.

That is where this nutrition plan is different than all the rest. You have a support system built in and designed to keep you on track and informed.

I am not 100 percent to my goal but for the first time ever I have no doubt that I can get there! So I know you are asking:

What are you doing? Spill it already!

It’s a complete weight loss solution that uses scientific (and Dr. approved) meal strategies to help you get the weight off and keep it off.

The nutrition plan I am following specifically has me eating 5 small meals a day and one larger “healthy meal” once a day.

The meals are all balanced to help you hit your “magical macros” as I like to call them…

This is where the REAL changes take place. The first 3 days you work to get your body into fat burn mode and after that, maintaining becomes so effortless it is shocking… really.

I joined this plan after seeing my coach, Laura, loose over 75 lbs in 7 months… while breastfeeding. You can read more about Laura’s story on my guest post “How to lose weight while breastfeeding” on Mom Life Happy Life.

Literally my first question for Laura was…

How can I lose my stomach fat?

Silly I know… but the reason I asked that is because I had been on the Keto diet for over a year and while it worked, I was extremely insulin resistant, making it hard to maintain such a limited amount of carbohydrates each day.

Now this new nutrition plan is still Keto friendly, but it takes all the guess work out of the process. I get to eat more carbs each day and lose more weight! Win Win! ????

I am happy to report my stomach was one of the first places to start shrinking on this plan.

Want to Learn More about How to Lose Weight?

When you sign up with me as your coach we can talk through text or facebook messenger each day for the first 7 days and I will be in touch helping you in every way I can. Not only that, my coach, Laura, will be checking in from time to time to help with the progress.

The biggest shift you will see is in your mind. You will begin to believe in yourself again! 

Ready to Get Started? Click the link below and fill in the form so I can choose from one of the 5 weight loss meal plans we have. After that, I will be in touch to chat and get to know you…

YES!!! Let’s do this. I want to coach you to the finish line and help you meet your goals. If you want to get on the exact plan I (and thousands more people) have used and love to lose weight fast and safely, just fill in your information below and I will send you a questionnaire and help you pick the perfect nutrition plan!

Make sure you grab my FREE weight loss secrets guide below! ????

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