Everything You Need to Know To Build an Epic Brand

Branding is a really hard concept for a lot of small business owners and rightfully so. A good branding strategy is REALLY important for your business! It is in fact, the most important thing you do to create sales and leads. Branding is your first impression that your customers and potential clients will see! It makes a difference what you pick and what colors and shapes you use. But, it doesn’t have to be hard to do! In fact, its really simple once you know the steps! In this blog I am going to tell you what some of the best shapes, colors, fonts, and logos you can use to create a complete brand that will help elevate sales and confidence in your products or services! 


Choosing Great Brand Colors

Colors are vital to communicating to your audience what kind of experience they can expect to get. Today we will talk about some of the biggest brands in the world and how their colors define them as a brand and how they used color psychology to actually get their brand to where they are today. 

Color, more than anything else has the power to evoke emotion in people. It is vital that when you chose a brand color, you chose the one that evokes the right emotion that they will feel after using your product or service. If you sell Essential oils and they help with calming, energy, and healing, you could safely pull Green, Blue or even Silver into your logo and it will communicate the right sentiment. 

That is just one of many examples of how color can effect your brand. There can be negative implications of using red in certain circumstances and as my mentor and hero of marketing says, “Red is like lipstick. Use it sparingly and with care.” So keep that in mind as you chose your brand colors. Don’t go too bold. You can use a muted tone of the shade or a slightly mixed shade with the same effect. 


Choosing Logo Shapes 

There are a lot of factors that come up when talking about logos. I read an awesome article from Creative Blocq on choosing logo shapes and making sure that the ones you chose are related to your brand. If you have a very masculine brand you will want to go with things that are more triangular by nature. If your brand serves more women then squares send to do better with the female segment of the population. If you are building a community generally circles are going to be what you are going to want to go with. 

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Choosing Fonts

The same thing we talked about above with talking to the right audience applies here. If you have a logo that is feminine and flirty then a super masculine font with a corporate looking knockout accent isn’t going to work. As a rule of thumb you should try and chose one font that will be easily read on any type of material (this is to help you with design), one font that has a good italics setting or an easily legible script font, and one body text font that is used for your website copy for easy reading on mobile phones (because over 50% of Americans are searching and buying from their phones these days!) 

Once you chose your 3 fonts, five colors, and have your logo designed, those will be the only materials you use for every piece of branded material you make. You use these when designing your website, blog, packaging… everything. Being on brand is all about consistency. I can tell you from personal experience that once you find your brand “voice” and style, it becomes so easy to make images and materials for your business. It changes everything! 

I love this article from Canva for chosing fonts. It made my branding job super easy and painless! 


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