Never again… Why Everglades National Park was a Complete Fail


Our Family RVing Trip to Everglades National Park

When you think of a national park you really hold it to a higher standard. So when we entered Everglades National Park in Florida I was expecting, well more park, or something.

And to be fair, we were coming from the Florida Keys RV Resort which was ahhhmazing. You can check that review out here!

When we arrived in the park we stopped to use the restroom and check out the small museum that was available. We then decided to check out the adjoining museum and the small shop they offered.

It was very difficult to even book a campsite online for this park in all honesty. I would think as a National park there would be more clarity as to which sites offered what types of accommodations.

Everything we saw was clean, but dated. No red flags as of yet, so on we went.

The Troubles Begin

Firstly, you have to know I am an internet junkie. I mean I work online! So when I saw the dwindling bars of cell service I stared getting…



So needless to say i was already seeing all the lists of work that needed to be done and how would I do that. Plus, I hadn’t even downloaded a movie or a book or anything. It was DEFCON 5 people.

I mean what am I supposed to do with NO sell service? Look at nature?!?!?


So, we drove all the way to the ranger station to make sure we were headed the right way. The (not so interested in us) girl at the counter said “Just keep driving you are almost there”.

So we did… keep driving. We arrive at the ranger station after a few miles more to check in, with our big rig in tow… NO ONE THERE…

We had to turn it around and go back up the road to the same spot we were just at to check in there. Why the girl at the counter couldn’t be bothered to tell us this in the first place, is beyond me.

Seriously, Everglades National Park???

We finally checked in and the site had no water (which we did know in advance). However, the hook up for water was there but still no water. Evidently, the park is still recovering from a lot of hurricane damage from 2017 so a lot of the parts of the park are not operational again.

But beyond that, the park as a whole was super run down.

Look, campgrounds are not all created equal. We have had our share of run down spots but these were a little too beyond our comfort level.

All in all the coolest part was the alligator we saw. He was some of the only wild life we saw the whole time we were there!

If it were up to me I would give this park a 1-star rating.



Have you been to Everglades National Park? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, I would love to know if we missed something!


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