The Ultimate Keto Gifts for Your Favorite Keto Queen

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GIRL… if you are anything like me finding that perfect gift for your special someone is hard. This gets even more complicated when you are trying to find a gift for your favorite Keto Queen ???? and give them something that will help them stay on track and not derail all their hard-earned progress (or make them feel crappy in the process).

Unless you want to look like this guy… ????



So if you are in search of the perfect Keto Gift… look no more, my friend. I am laying out my absolute FAVORITE Keto-friendly gifts in the blog below!

Kitchen Gadget Keto Gifts

Chaffle Maker

If you don’t know already, Chaffles are all the rage in the online keto world. These delectable concoctions are a popular bread substitute. Any keto-er would love to get this as a gift for sure!

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Fat Bomb Molds

Fat bombs are another easy and fun thing to make that help keep you satisfied if you have a sweet tooth. These molds are perfect for making your own at home!

See them on Amazon

Magic Bullet Blender

This is the one thing I use every day on the keto diet. Seriously, I make my bulletproof tea and coffee in this thing and it’s amazing!

See it on Amazon

Keto Foods Guide

This is a super cool magnetic list of all the keto-friendly foods you can have and what their glycemic index is! So handy for when you are out and about. Also, I LOVE that this is magnetic!

See it on Amazon

A Water Bottle

Any Keto-er knows that sometimes the best keto gift is a water bottle because who doesn’t need to drink more water on keto? (nobody… that’s the answer)

See it on Amazon

Instant Pot

The instant pot is amazing for making fast and keto-friendly meals! I love mine for making a keto butter chicken recipe! It goes great with the cookbook below! ????

See on Amazon

Keto Blood Monitor

I love this keto blood monitor for tracking my progress. Sometimes you eat something and you can’t figure out why the weight isn’t coming off. This is the best tool for that!

See it on Amazon

Keto Electrolyte Drops

ok admittedly, not the sexiest gift there is… BUT this is one of my FAVORITE, can not live without it, keto products. For someone just starting out this could mean the difference between success and failure.

See it on Amazon

The Best Cookbooks for Keto Gifts

When you begin keto there are a few adjustments to the way you cook, to put it mildly. We all go through withdraws and wish we had some of our favorite comfort foods… but we need the keto version. I have bought my fair share of keto cookbooks and these are some of my favorites! ????

This is a late entry into the game and I just got it yesterday, so I honestly have no idea if it’s good or not but it LOOKS delicious!

Cute Shirts to Give as Keto Gifts

ok so… I was never that girl that wore shirts with funny sayings. Like you would never have caught me in a shirt that sais #momof1 or Rockstar. This all changed for me when I went keto and I bought the Keto Queen shirt below. It’s an awesome conversation starter and it’s so fun that I got to buy it in a smaller size than I had bought in 10 years!

Check out a few of my favorite Keto t-shirts to give as gifts!

Keto Food to Give As Gifts

When you are trying everything to keep it keto and clean, it can get a little expensive. We all appreciate a good keto chocolate bar or keto-friendly snack now and again. I don’t know any of my keto friends that would turn down a good keto snack!

Check out some of my favorite keto snacks below!

Keto Snack Box

This is always a great choice to add some variety to your keto friend’s pantry. I love getting a large assortment of snacks to choose from that are all keto approved!

See it on Amazon

Keto Chocolate bars

THIS… This keeps me sane. Especially around a certain time of the month when my body wants to eat all thee things. A little slice of Lilly’s and you are good to go!

See it on Amazon


I love these little cakes. they hit the spot when you are looking for a little something sweet but don’t want to blow your carbs out of the water! These are delicious and oh so keto nutritious!

See it on Amazon

Whisps- Cheese crips

These are an awesome replacement for chips and great for dipping. I love adding them to a low carb charcuterie board or munching on them as I watch a movie.

See them on Amazon

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