How to Wake Up Early and Still Have Energy

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So, I am one of those people that hate mornings. When I had to take my daughter to school (before homeschooling was a reality for us) we were regularly late because mornings were such an issue for me. ????Let’s just say when you are a parent and getting notes home from the principle, it’s not fun then either. I always wanted to learn how to wake up early, but my energy was absolutely in the toilet..

We’ve all experienced it – we set our alarm for 6 AM with the best of intentions, but when the time comes, we hit the snooze button repeatedly and then we are rushing out the door without any time to get our mind ready for the day.

Starting the day like this can literally cause you to hate the rest of the day. It’s hard to feel motivated and upbeat when you start your day behind schedule. Everyone wants to wake up with energy, but most of us start our mornings with a dire need for that first cup of coffee to help us get our perk on.

Well, being the nerd that I am I decided to do some research and figure out how I can increase my energy in the morning. Because in reality, if you are fully awake when that alarm goes off, the easier it is to get out of bed in the first place. Let me just say… it is possible to wake up early and have high energy to start your day.

By making a few small changes to your morning routine, you can shake off the sleepy and tackle your day with tons of energy and optimism.

how to wake up early

Setting your morning up for success

I know the temptation is to just go all in and set the alarm for 5 am and kick your bad sleep habits in the face. I get it… I am that sort of gal, too. But I want you to be successful in the long term so here are some getting started thoughts for you.

walking up early starts with sleep

I know that seems contradictory, however, if you are sleeping less than 6 hours a night, you are basically walking around drunk through your life. It will lead to a slew of other problems. You may even find your hormones unwilling to cooperate with you and other things like mood control, weight loss, and basic daily tasks taking a backseat to your need for sleep. For your sake, I recommend 8 hours of sleep a night. YES SERIOUSLY… That is a huge key to success.

waking up early is a habit

I have a whole theory of habits. They are not easy to create but oh so easy to break sometimes. If you are going to try waking up early for whatever reason, you need to seriously commit and do it for a minimum for 21 days before it will become natural and something that’s as easy as breathing. The longer you commit the easier it gets.

How to Wake Up Early and Still Have Energy

1. Exercise as Soon as You Can

It sounds counterintuitive but exercising soon after you wake up is a great way to energize yourself for the rest of the day. Exercising when you wake up energizes your body and mind, and helps you shake off feelings of grogginess.

Ideally, your morning exercise routine should take place outside (if possible). Sunlight and fresh morning air can play a role in waking up your mind and body, but indoor exercise can work just as well.

Exercising puts your metabolism in gear, which helps maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Any type of exercise will help you wake up in the morning. Whether you prefer jogging, yoga, or lifting weights, exercising after a night of quality sleep will refresh your mind and energize your muscles.

2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Think of it like you’re fueling up your car before going to work. Your body burns calories overnight, and you need to replace them with healthy calories in the morning to maintain high energy throughout the day.

Don’t see this as an excuse to pack on empty carbs when you wake up. If you fuel your body with sugar and other empty carbs in the morning, your body will burn through its energy supply quickly, and you’ll feel worse once it does.

Eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, and turkey-based proteins are excellent choices for breakfast. By a large, nutritious breakfast in the morning, you’ll feel your energy levels rise quickly, and stay at a manageable level throughout the day.

3. Don’t Hit That Snooze Button

We’re all guilty of hitting snooze when our alarms go off before we feel ready to get out of bed. Even though hitting snooze means we only get to sleep for a few more minutes, it can have detrimental effects on our energy levels for the rest of the morning.

Our brains release serotonin when we fall asleep, giving us a warm, comfortable feeling. When we wake up, our brains counteract this feeling by releasing dopamine, which wakes us up. By hitting the snooze button, our brains are filled with two hormones trying to counteract each other, making it difficult for us to feel awake and alert once we do get out of bed.

It isn’t fun… but try and get up with your first alarm. You’ll thank yourself when you notice increased energy levels throughout the morning.

4. Drink Water… and then drink some more water.

This is one of my favorite morning wake-up tricks. When you start your day with a large glass of water you are doing so many good things for your body. You are starting your digestive system gently and giving it a gentle nudge to wake up. You are rehydrating your skin after a long sleep and helping ward off wrinkles. You’re also energizing your cells. I like to drink 24ox of room temperature water with a squeeze of lemon first thing to help me get awake and stay that way.

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