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When I tell people I went 40-days without eating any food the reactions are funny… people generally look at me like this…


So why, you may ask would one decide to try a 40-day fast and then post about their water fasting results online? Water fasting is extremely personal, it is a spiritual and natural experience all at once. I had so many crazy moments in my fast that I thought they were worth sharing with the world and letting you all know, fasting is AMAZING!

Water Fasting Benefits

I covered this extensively in a previous post on my blog which you can find here if you want to read more about the benefits of prolonged water fasting.

There are a lot of benefits to water fasting including:

  • Better mental clarity
  • Weightloss
  • Healing of old injuries
  • Hormonal balance
  • Repairing gut health
  • Resetting cravings
  • Overall body cleansing

How to Water Fast

This is the part that a lot of people get hung up with. “How do you even begin a water fast?” they ask me. It is not actually just as simple as deciding to start. There are a few things you need to do before deciding to water fast.

Firstly (because I don’t want to get sued) please note I am NOT a medical professional and I can not give you individual medical advice. Please consult a physician before beginning a prolonged water fast of any kind.

Before beginning a fast I recommend using my fasting prep checklist. Just put your email below and tell me where to send it. I will give you all my best tips for starting and ending your water fast strong so you get the best results from it!

Get the Free Prep Kit

Water Fasting Tips (What I learned in 4o days)

Firstly, I can not take all the credit for my amazing breakthroughs in my water fasting journey. I was guided by some amazing people and I created. a support system around myself before starting. I made sure that my husband and daughter had everything they needed before I started the journey, meaning that they wouldn’t starve when I was fasting.

I also talked to my husband about what my goals were for the fast and what would constitute breaking the fast. We set the bar really high so that I wouldn’t get 5 days in and decided this wasn’t for me.

I also read an amazing book (if you are fasting for spiritual reasons this book is an amazing guide and will help you a lot.)

The things I did not anticipate were the leg cramps. These started around day 6 for me and lasted till I got these fasting minerals and electrolyte drops. Had I known I would need these I would have made the investment to have them before beginning. They were an absolute life save for sure!

✅ These are HIGHLY recommended for prolonged fasts! I will never fast without them again.

I started out doing a water and bone broth fast. After a few days, I noticed that my hunger should have been subsiding and it was not. I couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized it was happening each time that I had my broth. After day 3 I stopped drinking broth altogether and immediately my hunger began to subside.

This lead to the leg cramps, however. Hence the need for the electrolytes. I love the drops I got because they gave me all the essential minerals you can’t live without. All I had to do was add one small capful to my favorite 32 oz water bottle and I was good to go!

Emotional 40-day Water Fasting Results

Undoubtedly the emotional changes that I faced when fasting were some of the hardest ones I have ever had. It seemed like every emotional trigger that would have caused me to lean on food was present in those short 40 days.

My father in law passed away suddenly and very traumatically. That was really hard. Traveling all day on multiple flights to get to the funeral, emotional stressors, extreme motion sickness on thee flights, and of course the grief of the situation were all hard. I think the hardest part was sitting in the multiple meals with family and explaining over and over again why I wasn’t eating from the multitudes of food that was brought to our family to help ease the grieving process.

I had to learn in this process that food was consistently in the way of me processing my emotions. This was a scary part of fasting. I had no buffer between me and my emotions. I had to feel deeply. All the joy, all the pain, all the stress, all the love that life had to offer me was all waiting for me to embrace and feel it, but I was nervous.

I am not saying that every moment of my life was like that, I had moments when I could feel and I realized a lot of times, as we get older we feel life begin to “pile up” on us. If we dont take the time to process things, meaning we need to actually take time and feel things after they happen, we may find one day it all just a little too much.

Physical 40-day Water Fasting Results

I had some amazing things happen while water fasting. Along with losing 35 lbs in 40 days, I also had some scars completely disappear. I also had some really fun experiences like fitting into new clothes sizes, my confidence when putting on an outfit was sky high, and I had perfect skin the whole time.

My mental clarity was likely the most intense feeling I had ever had. While my body was weak at times if I was really physically exerted myself, my mind was at peak performance. I was thinking and processing faster thanks to being in deep Ketosis and running on the best fuel for brains!

Get Your Own Water Fasting Results

Have my words inspired you to take on a long fast? YAY you! Along with all the amazing benefits of fasting talked about above, I have a surprise gift for you. I love helping my friends out and we are friends now so here ya go…

Free Water Fasting Prep Kit

Are you trying a water fast? Put comments or questions below!

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