The Most Powerful Tips for Your Facebook Page You Need to Know

Let’s face it, almost everyone uses Facebook; it is as popular as the invention of the smart phone these days. Using Facebook Pages for business is a whole other world though. There are different rules that govern the world of marketing on Facebook. There are things, that on a personal profile, are perfectly acceptable. Put those same things on a business Facebook page and they are just not going to cut it. Here are some of the best features of Facebook that you need to be aware of to make sure that your page is a success and so you don’t lose credibility as a business. 

1. The Scheduling Feature

This may seem old hat to some of you more experienced Facebook marketers by now, but you might be surprised how few people actually know that you can schedule posts for free right on your Facebook page. If you don’t know how to do it, watch this short video below! 

2. The Back Dating Feature

I have heard some people wondering about how you might want to use this feature. I love it for posting things in the past to fill out Facebook Pages so they don’t look so bare when we first get them up and posted. This simply helps with the page when people look at it for the first time! you can earn how to backdate posts in this easy to follow GIF below! 

3. The Data & Insights

Insights are one of the most important pieces of your Facebook marketing strategy. They tell you whether your fans like what you are posting, when to post so your fans see you content more, and even what your engagement rates are. 

4. The Automatic Replies

Did you know that you could send automatic replies to messages, so no matter what time of day someone messages you you can keep in contact with them without losing a bunch of beauty rest! If you don’t have auto replies set up be sure to read the whole post on how to do that! 

5. The Groups

If you are on the fence about whether or not you need Facebook groups for your business, this blog will give you all the details about how to decide if groups are right for you. 

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