The Easy Way to Make A Business Plan in Under 30 Minutes

Fail to Plan, Plan to fail. Ever heard that one? I had heard it tons, but never really though about what it meant. When it comes to business planning is more important than you realize. You simply can not go from deadline to deadline like you would if you were an employee.

You are the owner now. The one charting the course, the one making the plans and decisions. It can be really intimidating, but you can do it! If I can do it, you can do it. 

I stared back in Januarry 2017 and now I make 3 times what my income was when I was working! I am flying past my goals and I think I set them a little low without knowing it. But that’s ok. I am going to talk about why a business plan is so vital for you. 

I love these yearly plans because they really makes goals seem attainable. All of your goals are broken down into smaller steps, which makes them easy to grasp and easy to work toward. Then you can see how realistic or not your goals were by how fast you get to them… or not. haha! 

So how did I do it? I made my self slow down and turn off the computer. I literally went back to basic on this one. Old school pen and paper. 


then once I was happy with it… I went and made a printable sheet which took so many hours but is super bomb so it was worth it. Now all of you can enjoy the fruit of my labors. I have yearly, weekly, monthly, and daily planners for sale in my shop now. Aren’t they awesome???

Getting Your Yearly Plan for 2018 Together 

1. Download the Printable Yearly Calendar 

You can also just use a piece of paper with all the months written on it, but if you are anything like me, you like to see it all organized and easy to use. 

2. Decide 3-4 Major Goals for your year 

Be reasonable. There is really only time to do 3-4 things really well in a year and even that can be hard if its an ongoing project like losing weight. Some of my goals were launch a website, begin blogging, record a CD (which will be released in Jan 2018!!!), and quit my job. I have literally completed all those goals and then some. 

3. Spread your goals out quarterly 

Take your goals and put 3-4 months between them so you have time to accomplish all those goals. Keep in mind holidays, travel times, vacations, and major commitments you may know are coming for 2018. 

4. Break down the goal into 3-4 major pieces 

One they are on the calendar and you have decided where you want them break them down into steps. Add the steps to each of the months above the goal for as many months as is necessary. Remember the goal is to have that goal COMPLETED in the month it is on. 

5. Hang it up and watch your progress. 

We have a little progress board in our house for our goal sheet. It’s literally just a hanging board with tacks on it. It hangs where I walk by it every day and it motivates me to see whats coming and what I need to be aware of. 

That’s it… really yes! It was that simple. Now don’t you feel all organized? 

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