The Easy Guide to Facebook Insights You Need to Know


Some people can understandably feel distracted and overwhelmed when looking at their Facebook insights. I know I did at first. It feels like the more data I get the less I know what to do with it. So, I wanted to write a real Expose on how I seriously use my insights and what numbers I focus on. 

The first thing you will want to know when you click that fancy pants insights button on the top of your page (shown above) is that you are going to see this heinous chart that looks like this one below… Please keep in mind that the default date range for this chart is going to ALWAYS be 7 days. Just make sure to select the 28 days range to give you a broader view. 7 days isn’t as accurate most of the time because you are looking at a ver limited scope of content. I never look at that. I don’t want to compare my more viral inspirational quotes to my blog posts and then think that my blogs are not performing well this month. The 28 day view is the most preferred date range for sure! 

Actions on Page Facebook Insights

So, the first thing on this block we are looking at is the Actions on page, this is our bread and butter. This is when people have clicked on one of the following things: Action button (shop now, learn more, book now, etc.), your website in your about section, clicked the call button from their phone on your mobile Facebook page, or they have clicked get directions from your mobile Facebook page. This is where sales and leads come from so we want to see good number here. This being said don’t panic because they go down one week. This is totally NORMAL! Its not always a 45 degree incline on the mountain of success. The journey has ups and downs. You can click in the right hand column of the Facebook page and view all the insights for this an their breakdowns as shown below! ???? ????

What Does Facebook Page Views Mean?

Your page views are fun because it not only shows you the number of times that logged in Facebook users looked at your page, but the number of times your page got viewed overall! That means logged in AND logged out users (FUN!!) the real power lies in the little button on the top of the graph once you visit that tab on Facebook. If you click the “by Section” tab on the top of this graph it will tell you what part of your page people looked at the most! So you can see how popular certain types of content are for your site! See below… 

Facebook Insights for Page Likes & Page Follows

I know this is where most of you look for the most information thinking likes are the end all be all of Facebook pages. Allow me to set you free right now. They are NOT all that and a bog of chips. If you have 10,000 fans and 30% are engaged and active you are better off than a 30,000 fan page with 1% engagement. It’s just good math y’all! 

so… that being said the numbers that I am most worried about are ENGAGEMENT and REACH

Why Facebook Reach and Engagement are Most Important

Reach is pretty self explanatory, but for the sake of clarity, it is how many people you reach with your posts over a 28 day time frame compared to the last 30 day time frame. As long as this number goes up i am happy! That being said it will drop sometimes after a really good sale or promotion I am running which is normal. but expect to see it go up mostly. Engagement is the other most important factor of your Facebook page insights. 

When you click on the Engagement block it will take you right to a post graph that looks like this… 

You can see all your posts laid out in a row and compare your engagement rates, comments, post clicks and all of that in one sweet spot. I always go through these posts and click and sort based on each of the criteria. This helps me know what times of the day and days of the week got more attention for my posts so I can put my more valuable content there for my readers. I will also assess if my posts are actually speaking to my audience. the other cool thing is using that handy dandy graph to schedule my posts when my followers are on line, if you don’t know how to do that make sure to check out my blog post on that right here! 

I hope you feel more confident looking at your insights now and know exactly what you are looking at! What are your favorite stats and tricks on Facebook? 

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