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Low Carb Protein Shake

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If you’ve ever been “post-gym workout” or on the go all day and needed a really easy quick meal that won’t kick you out of Ketosis, my favorite thing to do is drink a Low Carb Protein Shake. Eating on the go when you are on the Keto diet can be really challenging. It can leave you feeling hangry and frustrated feeling like there are no options.

I get you, girl! I have been there and I have taken to drinking these awesome little low carb protein shakes when I am in a pinch to keep my brain sane and my body feeling good.

The Benefits of a Low Carb Protein Shake

Can we all just agree that the BEST part of a protein shake isn’t the drinking of the actual shake? No one wants to drink their meals, however, there is a certain pleasure in drinking a keto protein shake when it keeps you from blowing your diet and going all cavewoman on some doughnuts… just sayin’.

I love the ease of grabbing a shake to go and having it in my purse as a backup in case my day goes sideways on me. I also love the added benefits of building my muscles and satisfying my sweet tooth with some of the tasty options below.

How to Choose the Best Low Carb Protein Shake

Now that the Keto diet has gained all sorts of notoriety in helping shed unwanted weight, increase energy, and fix hormonal imbalances (to name a few), companies have started jumping on the keto diet bandwagon and offering more carb-conscious options. Here are some of the things to consider when buying a good keto meal replacement shake.

Ingredients: In general the closer to nature things are the better for you they are going to be. I always consider what ingredients and more importantly chemicals are going into my body. As a Keto Girl myself, it is super vital that I always keep them in mind as I go about choosing a shake. I don’t want some silly filler or additive to make my body feel sluggish or worse… kick me out of ketosis altogether.

Carbs: not all low carb protein shakes are created equal. “Low carb” or keto can mean different things to different people. While once company my think that 10- 15 grams of net carbs are really low in carbs and may market the shakes as such, it does not mean it will work for you. I have had to learn the HARD way that sometimes things that work for others just DON’T work for me.

Sweeteners: I am always really hesitant to talk about my journey with this but if I can not neglect to mention this here. Sugar-free sweetening seems like a miracle when you are on a low carb diet. You think unicorns pooped this stuff out for your enjoyment. 🦄💩 You feel super excited that you can enjoy your favorite things in a low carb version of your favorite foods but here is the issue, these sweeteners are not always your friend. You need to make sure you choose the right one for your body and that it has a low glycemic index to help you actually stay in Ketosis.

Price. Some of the best shakes can get a little steep in price, as I said before, keeping your eye on the other things SHOULD be your first consideration but it hits hard when your wallet is affected. Try and pick a Keto shake that is a good balance of each item on this list and you will be in good shape. *pun intended 😉

How to Use a Low Carb Protein Shake for Best Results

When you first get your hands on these shakes the temptation will be to drink them all the time. Not only is it not a great idea for your nutrition it can actually also cause issues with your ketosis.

Thes hidden secret to ketosis really is TONS and TONS of leafy greens. As many as you can handle. Really. 🙄 I know, revolutionary right? But it is the truth. By selecting nutrient-dense foods with a combination of higher fats and proteins and lower carbs you are getting your body the minerals and vitamins it needs to love and none of the junk.

This is why I only use keto or low carb shakes in a pinch really. I am really cautious about making sure I have room for all my veggies and some play-room in my calories to eat the things that will give me tons of energy. But in a pinch, I will absolutely grab my favorite low carb protein shake and down it to give myself a boost.

Precautions to Note

If you are sensitive to artificial sweeteners make sure you are choosing a shake that is not going to raise your glycemic index. If you want to know more about that keep your eyes on my blog for next week’s post on all things low carb sweeteners.

Ready to boost your protein intake? Here are 5 low carb protein shakes that are an amazing flavor and worth every penny!


1. KETO Perfect

This shake is my favorite, that is why it gets the #1 spot from me. It is an amazing balance of being low carb, good healthy organic ingredients, and it tastes pretty good too. I will admit it is not the best TASTING shake I have ever had but the benefits outweigh that for me personally. I have had some amazing shakes, but sadly they are MUCH higher in carbs than this one.




  • Less than 1 carb per serving (wow! this is the lowest one on the market)
  • 100% Grass-fed collagen added (great for your skin, hair, and nails… goodbye wrinkles)
  • MCT oil powder (which helps support a ketosis state)
  • Can be used for baking (!!! Yes please)


2. Isopure Low Carb Protein Powder

This one is another of my faves as far as keto shakes are concerned. I love that this is literally ZERO net carbs. This is also a great option if you are sensitive to dairy as it is gluten and lactose-free. This helps you keep your tummy happy on low carb. I also love that the container is quite a lot larger than the KETO perfect shakes above. The only drawbacks are the lack of organic ingredients and that it is (obviously) very whey heavy.



  • 0g. Net Carbs per serving
  • Lactose and gluten-free
  • amazing for baking… I used the plain to make a bread recipe that was to DIE for!
  • Price is very wallet-friendly 💸


2. Women’s Best Shape Body Shake

low carb protein shakesRemember when I told you not all shakes were created equal? This is that moment. These shakes taste like heaven. Literally, I used to drink these for FUN before I was on Keto. I was a huge fan of these products (and still am), but the shakes are on a whole other carb realm than I am willing to go for.  These shakes are amazing if you are in the maintenance phase or if you are looking to gain lean muscle mass. These are not really good for weight loss in my opinion (even though the name would suggest otherwise).



  • 10g. Net Carbs per serving
  • Meets EFSA requirements (higher standards for products than FDA)
  • Can Act as a meal replacement
  • The taste is amazing (chocolate it the best one 😉)


4. Pruvit Keto OS Ketone Shakes

Now, I have used these personally, just like all the other products on this post. The big difference is really that this isn’t a protein shake per se. It is more of a “boost” shake. This shake is packed with caffeine, exogenous ketones, and MCT oils to help your body get into a quick ketosis state. These are debatable about their effectiveness and I have never seen anything other than a really nice brain boost from them. Buyer beware, these are also NOT cheap. But if you are looking for a boost to add to a protein shake this one is your guy.




  • 3g. Net Carbs per serving
  • Ketone supporting vitamins
  • MCT oils included for improving Keto fat burn state


5. Atkins Low Carb Shakes

This is one shake that I am putting on this list purely because of being asked about it ALL THE TIME. Atkins is the low carb giant that started the whole keto revolution about 15 years back. The issue I take with Atkins products is simple, they hinder tour progress. I have had a few issues with their sweeteners and have since chosen to give them up altogether. Much like the other carbs are low but the ingredients leave me wondering what chemicals I am eating.  Not my favorite option, but good for someone on a really tight budget.




  • 2g. Net Carbs per serving
  • Gluten free and protein rich
  • Comes fully mixed and ready to drink

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