How to Stop Stress Eating- 3 Mistakes Everyone Makes

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There I was again… “ho-ho” in hand and cowering in the pantry closet with wrappers all around my feet… crying. ????  It wasn’t some particularly hard and awful day. It was actually a good day, so what in the world was going on? How was I ever going to learn how to stop stress eating if I could’t even stop on a GOOD day.

CRAP! I need help.

So, Google and I got to be good friends. I started researching everything all over the internet about how to stop stress eating. Pills, potions, formulas and fixes galore! The problem? There was no “real” advice on how to stop stress eating.

How to Stop Stress Eating (the real life guide)

My best tips for how to stop stress eating are seemingly simple ones. One of the biggest triggers to emotional eating is your daily stress. These common stress eating mistakes can make it impossible to stop unhealthy stress eating patterns.

Stress eating can come from a variety of factors, some of which you may never consider. If you are having an increased amount of stress, and notice and increased amount of emotional eating moments, then you may want to work on reducing the core cause of the stressors in your life.

Here are some tips for locating the source of your daily stress, reducing that stress at the core, and in turn  finally figuring out YOUR PLAN for how to stop stress eating by reducing the amount of emotional eating responses you are having.

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Not Having a Solid Routine (and stress eating doughnuts instead)

The first thing you need to learn about how to stop stress eating is to reduce external stressors. Reducing your daily stress and, in turn, reducing your emotional eating responses is easily accomplished through setting up a routine. This doesn’t mean you have to schedule everything in your life down to the last second. Instead, look at starting a routine for small aspects of your life and work up from there; for example, when you plan your day out, and then wake up to certain things that make your day easier before you leave the house this will be a huge boost.

Make sure you throw in that load of laundry earlier, that you always avoid until later in the day and then ends up piling up and causing stress. Start the dishwasher or empty it and put the dishes away. That way it is already done and the rest of the day is yours. You can do the same in the evening. Get into a routine in your mornings and evenings. Eventually, you can span out to the point where you have a daily routine that you are used to and stress triggers, like the laundry and other things, are reduced.

Bonus points if you wake up early. I watched this video and was shocked at all the benefits of waking up early so, I am working on making this a habit in my life! It’s a great way to actually make you feel more productive each day, keeping stress eating to a minimum.

Never Disconnecting from Your Technology

Be honest, we have all been up waaayy too late bingeing our latest TV craze on Netflix. I get it girl, I am sooo there! However according to this article on weight loss and emotional eating, from Mayo Clinic, one of the most vital weight loss factors is actually SLEEP. Another downside to not hitting “night mode” on your devices? Technology can be a huge stress trigger for many people, even you. You may not think it is, but look at a few examples. Your phone is set-up to notify you of upcoming events, appointments, and bills. You also have notifications of things going on with friends and co-workers social media accounts. It is a constant attachment that can sometimes lead you to stressing over bills, upcoming appointments, and drama in your friends lives.

To reduce the stress, disconnect from your technology for one hour or so a day. Turn off your phone and leave it on a charger in another room. You can even pick up something that is a 100% disconnect, like meditation or exercise. The stresses are reduced and something positive is in that spot where tech used to fill the void!

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Refusing to Simplify Your Work

Face it, most of what you have on your schedule each day is NOT actually moving you toward a goal. If you really want to know how to stop stress eating, here is the secret. Be brave enough to STOP saying YES to everything that does not deserve you. Your work schedule and routine can be a huge source of stress, especially if you are are a freelancer or in an administrative position.

Take a few minutes to look over your schedule, planning, and your client list. Remove the things you don’t need in your day. Some of these things may be webinars that are unnecessary, clients that are overly demanding, and extra side freelancing positions that are just not worth the time and payout. A well planned life will give you free time to do the things you want to do, more. I call this, your “anti-stress eating routine”, but you can, of course, call it whatever you like.

Overall, you want to plan out your day with an enjoyable “anti-stress eating routine”, fitting the proper activities all together, so that you have a well balanced day doing what you really want to do. Work on things that stress you at the end of the day first, to get them out of the way, then move through the day.

Need help learning to say no? Me too… Which is why I love this video from Amy Landino on saying no confidently! Can we say #gamechanger?

I really hope these methods will help you organize your days, reduce stress at work, and improve your health! The goal is to get you living a life you LOVE again. Once these areas are taken care of and sorted out, you will start to see a reduction in stress and a subsequent reduction in emotional eating. Here’s to a healthy life.


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    Great article! Thank you! What is the magical essential oil tho?? The link expired or something to Amazon.

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