Our Full Time RV Living Story (Part 3)

“Oh, cool!” is the phrase that many people utter when they hear about our journey of becoming a full time RV Living family.

They ask about our travels and our plans and to them it’s a dream. And it is… super cool. I won’t tell you it’s been an easy transition though. There is a HUGE learning curve. (more on that in another blog post) If you want to read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series it will help you get a better understanding of how we finally decided to move toward full time RV living!

There are so many things that become luxuries.

There are so many things to know before buying the right set up for full time RV Living.

There are so many lonely miles when you first start.


RV life can be so liberating, and scary all at once! Along the way, you do figure out a few things and you realize, the FOCUS of life is more important than the things you have or don’t have. Fully experiencing the world around you becomes the priority. Feeling the life come back into your day and your schedule becomes intoxicating. Everything becomes clearer and you make sense of the mess that was life before.

How Did We Actually Pick Our RV?

With much care and caution.

For the first 8 weeks of Full time RV Living we lived from a tiny rental car we got in New Bern. We tent camped… yes you read that correctly… across the USA all the way to Montana. When I tell you it was the experience of a lifetime, I really do mean it!

It was fun, and awful, and exciting all at once. Most days I felt like this…


Cooking was hard, setting up after a long drive was hard, finding a campground was hard, but we were unknowingly in preparation for full time RV Living…

It seemed straight up luxurious compared to the tenting and staying with friends and family we had been living for the last few months. (thanks mom and dad!)

This 225 square feet of home on wheels spelled freedom for us.

The hardest Part of moving to full time RV Living…

We took the longest time figuring out the truck of it all. Because honestly, if the truck isn’t right you can be in a lot of hot water really fast!

We finally did find the perfect match for us. We ended up with a Ford F-250 Super Duty with a tow package (which we didn’t know we needed ????) It seems obvious now, but we had a hard time choosing the right truck because there are SO MANY OPINIONS on what is best!

We got a really awesome maneuvering hitch installed on our truck from Reese, which has been great.

One full time RV Living tips for newbies, if you have a short bed, go ahead and spring for the automatically sliding hitch. It will save you from dents in your truck and impossible maneuvering situation!

Our 5th wheel home on the road is a dream for us! We love it… but we do plan to do an RV renovation complete with before and after shots for everyone so stay tuned for that coming Spring 2019!

Check out the full tour of our awesome digs below!

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