Our Full Time RV Living Story (Part 2)

SO… in my last blog post I left you all with a bit of a cliffhanger (sorry, not sorry ????) If you have not read part 1 of our full time rv living adventures, you can do that here!

One of the best parts about this whole life changing process has been knowing we were doing into the “right thing”

Often times, we can feel aimless or like we don’t know WHY we are doing what we are doing with our lives. I know I feel that way a lot more than I care to admit.

I felt that way for the last 2 years before we moved into our new life.

I was “SO OVER IT, Jesus!” as I would say often, and loudly to him. 

So what happened?

God Spoke to us… and when he did it SHOCKED us all. 

As promised in my last post, Rael’s picture will give you a bit more insight as to how we knew full time RV living was for us…

I remember the day she actually brought this picture to me. I was shocked and I honestly laughed a little. She said to me “this is our next home”

The absurdity of me, a makeup loving, glitter heels wearing, shopaholics (not so anonymous) member, selling everything to move into a full time RV living situation was challenging to say the least.

I started by talking to the ONE person I knew wouldn’t judge me for my insanity. My hubby. He has this uncanny ability to reality check me. So, I sat in our bedroom one afternoon and told him all the feels I was having…

To my surprise, he agreed with me that full time RV living was for us… ????

So now what… we wondered

After that, we began to get encouraging words from friends telling us we were called to get on the road, A KOA ministry (as one friend put it) ????

We were skeptical and a little nervous.

How would we approach full time RV living?

Where would we go?

What type of RV should we buy?

There were so many unanswered questions… and there still are.

So Where Are We Headed?

People are always asking, “Do you know where you are going? Do you know what you are doing?”

My reply tends to look like this… verbatim…


I want to take a second and dispel the notion our decision to pursue full time RV living was some overnight process. God started this process with us YEARS ago.

There were big decisions like working from home and homeschooling our daughter. But the most important were the small ones such as cleaning out closets, paying off all our debt, and getting healthy.

It’s often in the small things, like God saying “get rid of your debt” that we find they were always part of a bigger design for your life. Subsequently, had you NOT obeyed, you would be in a world of hurt when it came time to get up and go.

I realized that all the little decisions we made (even 5 years ago) had all lead to me living my BEST life, today.

It didn’t make switching to full time RV living any less overwhelming to handle but this time…

Despite the unknowns about full time RV living, I was confident that we were headed the right way.

Check out the next post to hear the whole story of how we found our new beautiful home on wheels and get a tour of it! ????

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