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With an abundance of social media in our world everyone is trying to promote themselves as christian leadership. We live in a time where we are constantly taking photos and videos, uploading them, and showing off our life, activities, and successes. We all want to serve God well. However, deep down, we all want to hear how great we are. We all want to be powerful and effective. However, Christine Caine reminds us that God wants our attention elsewhere.

“You don’t need to be discovered by God, he’s already created you.” As christian leadership, we need to focus on the light of Christ that’s inside of us, or else we will be destroyed by the spotlight outside of us.

Christian Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. The leaders worth following are the ones that actually connect us with the higher call in our life!

Christian Leadership Markers From Christine Caine

Christian Leadership Takes Time to Develop

Patience is a virtue; it’s a statement you’ve probably heard before, but do you act it out? By “waiting for man to discover us,” Caine says, you are “bypassing the process of God developing you” and “if you allow man to discover you, man will destroy you.” Because we are christian leadership we are called to a higher standard. It can be so easy for us to compare where we are in life to where someone else is. With comparison comes jealousy and greed. You may want to forego being patient. You may want the spotlight that they have and want it now. However, do not make the mistake of subverting God’s process for you.

Christian Leadership Must have the Anointing

For the development process to work, you must be willing to be crushed. You have to let God to remove the bad things inside of you and replace them with godly things. Christine talks about how the development process is similar to making a bottle of wine. You have to first crush the grapes. We all want the anointing. However, do we all want to process for getting the anointing? Just like the crushing of the alabaster jar (Mark 14:3), we must give up our treasures to be anointed. Crushing isn’t comfortable, but it’s essential.

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It’s God that Chooses Christian Leadership

Samuel anointed David when he was only 16 years old to be king of all Israel (1 Samuel 16:13). After that moment, David faced a series of many battles and trials. He only claimed the throne, many years later, at the age of 30 (2 Samuel 5:3). Anointing does not automatically mean you are appointed. There is the developing process in-between just like there was for David. He chooses us, the timing, and the race for us to run. For example, if you start thinking your race is less significant than a race that’s in the spotlight, you may have “confused visibility with significance (Caine)”. In contrast, “Sometimes it’s better to align with what God is already doing than to think maybe I’m the next one” and that you are “to be faithful to where God has placed you.”

Your Heart Will Determine How Far You Go in Christian Leadership

The Bible mentions the importance of our heart many times, including in Proverbs.

  • Give your heart to the Lord (Proverbs 23:26)
  • Trust the Lord with all our heart (Proverbs 3:5)
  • Guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23)

It is your control center. Your heart must align with your actions for there to be fruit from your life. We have all heard stories of christian leadership being exposed for secret sin. Caine suggests, “let God expose it in the dark room” where the crushing and developing happens, where no one sees it – where the junk is replaced with the light of Christ.

“Promotion comes from God alone.” You don’t need to try and be the “next (insert inspiring famous person’s name here).”

Behold, I am doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19)

You do you! Above all, do not get caught up in your social status. Rather, get caught up in what God is doing inside of you. Allow God to crush you so that your chains and shackles can be broken. As christian leadership, let us not look to man to do for us what only God can do for us. Remember, we are all learning through the process and we need to embrace that. Be encouraged, “God wants to develop you – not discover you.

Watch the Full Teaching from Christine Caine Below:

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