The Best Books to Read If You Want to Love Reading

Hello, My name is Brittany, I am a book-a-haulic. Seriously, I was “that kid”, you know… the one that saved the best books out of the yard sale pile. I thought no one would ever love my favorite book the way I did. Many of my friends, seeing my addiction, have tried to pick up various popular fiction books occasionally. They always complain to me that reading is hard to stick with, which I can totally understand. Finding the best books to read is no small task!

As a girl boss, (and online entrepreneur) finding the time to read can be… challenging. Almost as challenging as convincing yourself that Pizza has all the food groups, therefore it is healthy. ????  This is why I usually tend to do most of my reading on my iPhone or iPad while lounging in bed at night. Most of the time this results in me being jolted awake as I drop my device on my face for the thousandth time (the struggle is REAL people ????). Finally, I will reluctantly put down the book and decide to give up the fight and go to bed.

I know what all you health nuts are saying and yes, its bad to read on a phone screen before bed, but really, they invented night mode for a reason people! #justsayin

How do I find the best books to read?

The best books to read, are the ones that are so thick with plot and imagery that I simply can not put them down. You can usually tell pretty quickly with these types of books. Honestly, I can only get through so many boring scenes before my day starts to win the fight and dreams are calling me. The best books to read are the ones that you go to the bathroom during the day one too many times just to read. The best books to read will even have you reading them at the stoplight while you are driving. (I totally saw someone doing that and thought, yeah I have been in book love like that before! *Please note this is NOT advisable!*)

The reality is sometimes finding the best books to read can be tricky. Not all popular fiction books are created equal. So to make your life a little easier, here are some of my favorite novels of late! All 8 of these are some of my personal favorite popular fiction books that had me turning the pages WAAAAYYYY past my “mommy” bed time. These are great for those of you that “struggle to read” but wish you loved it!

UnEnchanted (Unfortunate Fairytale Series) By Chanda Hahn

This delightful five book series was one of my fast favorites. I love Chanda’s way of weaving a thick plot that keeps you turning the page wondering what will come next. The books follow the journey of Mina Grime as she travels through her life as a not-so-typical high school student. Mina, while completely uncoordinated and unpopular, finds herself saving the life of her long time crush. This sets her on a path destined to collide head first with an old family curse. These are the best books to begin with if you are a reluctant reader. They are easy and fun to read and the story line is really intelligently done! Hint for those of you who love to watch TV and have seen the show “Grimm”… this is the same type of thing, except with a teenage girl and without all the blood and guts! ????

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Outlander: A Novel by Dianna Gabaldon

This one is for the more avid reader among us. This 10 books series (yes, I did say 10) is a romance that covers hundreds of years, time travel, thrilling action scenes, and real laugh out loud moments. I loved reading these popular fiction books. (No I have NOT read all of them, just the first 3) My love for the series stems from Claire, the heroine, a brave World War I nurse set in 1945 woman caught in an impossible situation. She finds herself accidentally walking into the past while on a second honeymoon with her husband in Scotland. Claire is inexplicably marooned in history and caught amidst the danger and passion of this time in history. I love that Gabaldon spent years researching the history of the time and weaving a story through the fabric of real events and making the plot truly addictive.

As a side note… there is now also a TV series of the books! ????

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The Host by Stephanie Myer

Don’t judge people, this book is actually really amazing! Amid the success of her most popular series Twilight, Stephanie Meyer overcame a lot of negativity and went on to write “The Host” . This book has surprisingly mature writing compared to her previous books. Set in a dystopian future where aliens have invaded and taken over their human recipients bodies, Melanie Stryder is the latest human captive. Her invader, named Wanderer, is struggling for dominion but Melanie has a reason not to fade. Melanie has a brother and the love of her life, Jared, to live for. I love that most of the book’s real action stems from the internal dialogue of the dual personalities that make up the main character. This is a simple read and will take you no time at all to get hooked into a really great story of friendship, romance, and duty.

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Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver

In an alternate version of the future, Lauren Oliver spells out what the world without Love (or delirium nervosia) would look like. At the tender age of only 18 everyone is injected with the Cure for the dangerous disease that has been tagged as the cause of all danger and menace to society. Lena Holoway is a 17 year old about to be given the Cure and she can’t wait for the day to come. She has lived in fear of love her whole life. It was the thing to blame for the death of her mother and father. Lena is just 90 days away from her freedom from the worries of love when she meets the mysterious and attractive Alex, who makes her come alive inside. Will she take the Cure or become an outcast from society?

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Beastly by Alex Flinn

Another fairly tale come to life with a modern day twist; Beastly follows the life of the most popular boy in school, Kyle Kingsbury. This modern day retelling follows the classic “Beauty and the Beast” story line but with an especially relevant twist to modern trends. Kyle, instead of being a beast, has scars and tattoos all over his body, leaving his beautiful complexion marred. After a less than favorable run in with the school witch, and self imposed isolation, Kyle meets Lindy. A fun loving vivacious girl, she turns Kyle’s world upside down. This classic tale of love and desire, coupled with the personal growth makes it one of my favorites for sure! For my movie buffs, this one has a feature film that stars Alex Pettyfur and Vanessa Hudgens.

Read Beastly Before you See it! 

Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Another dystopian future book has made my list. (Are you beginning to notice a pattern? ???? ) Veronica Roth expertly draws a picture of what a future where we are divided into personality and aptitude types would look like. Tris, the main character is a fierce heroine who is brave and loyal. She makes for a good main character because of her self awareness and tenacity to do the right thing. Most of all these popular fiction books immerse you in a whole world and will not spit you out again until you have thoroughly confronted all your fears. For those of you up on pop culture, you will have seen the movie series featuring Shailene Woodley and Theo James. Finally, let me just take a moment to say the typical “the book was better than the movie” and honestly it really is the case with these books!

Read the Divergent Series

The Iron Butterfly By Chanda Hahn

This book is a lot darker than Chanda Hahn’s earlier popular fiction books UnEnchanted (mentioned above), but boasts the same type of fearless characters and thick plot. Set in a future world where people have magical powers, the book opens with the main character Thalia, waking up in a desperate situation. Since things are so bad she works with others to escape. Thalia then has to find a way to blend into the world so she will not be captured again. This proves difficult because she can not remember her past at all. This 3 books series was riveting. I loved it so much I spent 3 days reading these books non-stop.

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What is the Best Book am I reading Right Now?

Well, I am glad you asked! I have actually picked up a book called FirstLife from the local library and ended up buying it. I bought it so I could read it at night before bed without disturbing my adorable husband who is not so adorable when I wake him up with a reading light. It has started off really good and like most of the best books to read, this one has a great love triangle going on so far. I will be sure to update you all as soon as I am done with final opinions!

** Update: This book was actually really good. I have yet to go back for the sequel called  Everlife, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. i love the main character and her tenacity for the freedom and not being pushed into a decision without thinking about all the consequences first. It’s a great read for any teen girl wanting a little motivation to think outside the box!

What are your favorite popular fiction books?

Put them in the comments below and nerd out with me!  ????

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