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optavia before and after

I know exactly how it feels to have a "few too many" pounds to lose and no hope. My story is a long one, but here is some of what I had faced over my weight loss journey. I had literally tried almost everything I could with little to no success and a rebound weight gain that would knock the wind out of me and made me FEAR the scale.

Seriously I have tried...

  • Pills
  • Shakes
  • Weight Watchers
  • Juice cleanse for 60 days with no food
  • HCG diet eating 500 calories a day
  • Even weight loss surgery

Nothing had worked for me. Then I met my friend Laura. She is an RN and a former "curvy" girl like me. (you can see her story below! She dropped a whopping 86 pounds in 8 months. ????

Laura introduced me to a program called Optavia. I had never been on anything like it before. It was EASY... I almost effortlessly dropped 10 lbs my first month. Since then I decided this was something I wanted to share with everyone.

optavia before and after (Stories of real women like us)

Meet My Coach Laura...
Doesn't She look ????

Laura says" What if I told you this transformation was purely by changing my nutrition and habits?Would you believe me if I told you this was achieved with-
???? pills
???? supplements
???? added exercise
???? “diet doctors”
???? “cleanse”
???? starvation
???? feeling deprived
???? crazy

Trust me, I had tried EVERYTHING. Those things aren’t bad, they just hadn’t worked for me.

For me, this plan with just real food and learning healthy habits was just what I needed. This has truly changed my life in every sense. The Lord has used this program to bring breakthrough and freedom and victory where I had not believed it was possible. It’s possible!"

optavia before and after
optavia before and after

Meet Chava She Healed her Hormones!

“June 24, 2017 the start of it all ????

I knew I HAD to loose weight, I knew I was spiraling down a path I promised myself I’d never end up ???? but I was exhausted from trying and failing a billion diets. 
Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Endometriosis all messed with my hormones playing a cruel cycle of weight gain instead of weight loss.
And when you keep failing at health - you don’t have an interest in making healthy choices ????
I watched my mentor share her journey for over a year and I doubted its “real-ness” ... I kept on doubting until I had enough and was willing to try anything!

Guess what it worked!
70 lbs down in 8 months ???? ????????

And then to top it off, after struggling with infertility for the last 10 years we found out shockingly that we were expecting ???? ????!

If you're watching and doubting ; it’s REAL.
If you're watching and waiting ; just do it.”

This Girl conqured PCOS

“I had given up wheat, corn, dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, caffeine, I had juiced, I had fasted, I had gone full keto. And NOTHING worked. ????

“Sometimes a few pounds came off, only to turn around and magically reappear. And sometimes I gained weight. Fun right?! ????????‍♀️

“I share this, because legitimately, it’s what got 42 pounds off me in less than 4 months and I’ve kept it off for a year. It’s balanced my hormones. My pcos is basically non existent! I have ENERGY finally and for someone with hypothyroidism that’s huge! My face is CLEAR, my hair isn’t falling out, I feel fantastic!

“And that’s why I share it! ????????????

“Because I’ve struggled for most of my adult life. And I want you to know you don’t have to!

“I shout this from the mountain tops because it’s something that’s transformed my life, and when you whole heartedly believe in something, you have to tell the world!

“It’s my obligation to share this with all the women who have pcos, who have hypothyroidism, who are on a postpartum journey, who are so tired of yo yo’ing, who can’t figure out what they need to be eating to finally feel their best and have confidence. Why? Because I’ve been you! I know you’re overwhelmed, I know your frustrated, I know you feel hopeless because that’s exactly how I FELT!

“This program has changed everything for me!!!”

optavia before and after

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